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work from home, build a brand, become an influencer

 James Lock, also known as 'Lockie', has a continuously rising amount of followers, likes and engagement on his Instagram and now he wants to teach you how he's locked down the secret to success. 
 Following a meeting with International Business Coach and Social Media Expert Adam Stott, 'James Locks Instagram Secrets' was created with the purpose of showing individuals and brands how to grow their Instagram following without the need for huge budgets - or a TV profile.
 Like most things in business, there is a process that you can follow that will generate better results for every post or video you create.
 It's quick and easy to boost your Instagram profile and understand how to build your brand fast and create new results - just follows Adam and James simple method.

Instagram is The hardest social media nut to crack

It's true - if you approach Instagram without a clear content plan you are going to struggle! Images, copy, #hashtags, targeting, stories, filters, effects, time, day - you name it, it all has an effect. With so many variables to consider - you can spend a lot of time trying to work out what works!

What do you get...?

Everything you need to EXPLODE your Instagram following!

  • Unlock the secrets to gaining more likes, more followers and more engagement
  • ​Learn what content works for your audience, and more importantly what won't work
  • ​Gain the confidence and knowledge to approach brands and understand brand deals
  • Learn how to use Instagram to become a business or generate more sales for your product or service
  • ​Get the low down on the latest time saving and content optimising apps that will turbo-charge your insta game!
  • ​Break the media - become famous in your field

Instagram Essentials

get prepared for success

  • Userame - more important than you might think!
  • ​How to create a username that makes you super-easy to find
  • ​Why your username says more about you than just your name
  • ​What you should avoid when creating your username
  • ​Branding - what do you want to be known for?
  • ​What is branding and why do you need it?
  • ​Why most people only think about one brand - when they need to be thinking about two!
  • How to communicate your message in the right way
  • ​The questions you need to ask yourself before you start to create and publish content
  • ​What do you want to achieve? Influencer / Famous / TV / Media / Public Figure / Wealth / Work From Home Business
  • ​Exercises to map-out your road to success
  • ​How to make sure you never run out of content ideas

Instagram Secrets

the reason your insta-game is going to go viral

  • The steps you need to take to massively increase your content reach
  • ​How to find the best hashtags for your content
  • ​Why reading the analytics is important and how it can be the key to huge increases in your following
  • ​How to use Instagram stories in the best way
  • ​How to set up an Instagram shop so you can start selling right away
  • ​Know your dimensions! everything you need to know about what size your content should be to get the best results

Instagram Masterclass

From zero to hero in no-time

  • Before you begin, you need to understand that Instagram is a completely different animal to all other social media platforms. It has 1 billion active users, and half of those users are constantly engaging with Instagram stories. 
  • ​Celebrity influence is huge on Instagram, especially compared to other social media channels. If you want to build a brand or a following on Instagram, you're going to have to embrace the celebrity culture. 
  • ​Instagram stories are a great way to build a community and to see who's interested in you and your brand. See who follows your stories closely and reach out to them - you never know what may come from it.
  • ​Instagram is great, but the app does have it's limits. Check out these fantastic additional apps that work alongside Instagram to help you achieve some incredible results. 
  • ​You need a strategy if you want to monetise your Instagram. There are loads of different ways you can do this, from selling products, to using your Instagram as a traffic source, the possibilities are endless.
  • ​There are a couple of different ways you can advertise on Instagram. Both methods can be very effective, depending on how well you use them.
  • ​Building an Instagram following is hard, but very rewarding. If you're prepared to put the time into building your following, you will be rewarded massively.
  • ​There's no easy way to grow your following, but these Instagram growth hacks will certainly make it easier. 

Instagram influencers

get the low down on becoming an influencer

  • Why You Need To Grow Your Following
  • ​Use Your Head & How To Find The Right Influencer
  • ​Approaching Influencers & What You should Get Them To Post
  • ​The Importance Of Standing Out & Good Imagery
  • ​What It's Like Working With Influencers
  • ​Choosing The Right Influencers
  • ​Personal Branding
  • ​Optimising Your Profile
  • ​Creating Video
  • ​Getting More Video Views

Instagram resources

everything you need to become insta-famous

  • Instagram Cheat Sheet
  • ​Instagram Mind Map
  • ​Instagram Resource List
  • ​Cool swipe-up graphics
  • ​Eye-catching video borders
  • ​Viral captions and images

Learn from the experts

  •  865,000+ FOLLOWERS
  •  ​9,000-10,000+ LIKES PER POST

Unlock instagram growth secrets

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